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Wisecrack Productions, presents

The Cramlington

Train Wreckers

Written by Ed Waugh
Directed by Russell Floyd

Friday 15 November, 2024. 2.30pm & 7.30pm.



Age 11+

A booking fee of 6.5% + £0.49 per sold ticket is included when booking a ticket online through our Eventbrite platform.

From the team behind smash-hit plays Wor Bella, Hadaway Harry, Carrying David, Mr Covan's Music Hall and The Great Joe Wilson comes another incredible, forgotten story about the North East. 
The General Strike of 1926 was the biggest rupture in society since the English Civil War (1662). A million miners were told to take a 40% cut in wages. Britain's only General Strike followed. On May 10, 1926, strikers accidentally derailed the Flying Scotsman at Cramlington.

Eight Northumberland miners were imprisoned for a total of 48 years. Almost a century later, their fascinating story is - finally - about to be told!

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A talk on The General Strike with Ed Waugh

Want to know more? We're hosting a special in person-talk with the award-winning writer of The Cramlington Train Wreckers, Ed Waugh on Thursday 12 September at 2pm and 6pm.



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