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Jumpin Hot Club presents


Saturday 16 September, 2023. 7.30pm doors.


includes booking fee. Tickets available online only. Advance booking recommended due to limited capacity). Prices vary based on seating position in relation to stage. 

Whoop , Devon Sproule is back with her band. Double whoop, we are back at Gosforth Civic Theatre.

Devon is a Canadian/American folk and indie rock singer-songwriter & living in rural Virginia, raised on eco-villages near Kingston, Ontario and Louisa, Virginia. The 40-year-old, in addition to being a musician, is a high school drop-out, a birder, and a student of Deaf Culture and sign language. She has been married to producer Paul Curreri for 10 years.
In 2009, Sproule won the prestigious ASCAP Foundation’s Sammy Cahn Award for her song “Old Virginia Block,” a rollicking ode to the blues and the Blue Ridge. In 2014, the New Yorker ran a profile on her, titled “Listen to Devon Sproule.”

Sproule’s has the unique ability to move effortlessly from tonight’s hitherto jazz and folk infusions into something altogether far more soulful and rock’n’roll.

Her music isn’t for everyone—it’s for people who listen carefully, who are open to being completely arrested and compelled by something original— but her songs are about everyone. C-ville Weekly

Toronto’s Chris A. Cummings, also known as Marker Starling, updates his signature laid-back grooves (what he describes as “melancholy party jams”) on his brand new material. Swapping persistent hi-hats and vibe-y, and diverse melodies making for brighter dance-pop tunes. He’s a one-off !

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