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Saturdays during term time 10am - 5pm

Famous 4.15 are a fantastic stage and performance school who are a real pleasure to have in the building every term-time Saturday!

They teach singing, dancing and drama.  But really, they do a lot more than that…

The Famous ethos is simple: everyone can have his or her chance to shine, whether that means fifteen minutes spent singing into a hairbrush or a major role on stage or screen.

Famous 4.15 teaches classic arts in a dynamic, contemporary way. We offer training that is relevant, exciting and inclusive. We aim to ensure that the children and people we work with feel empowered and valued and respect for the individual is at the heart of what we do.

As Newcastle’s creative hub for the performing arts, we:

  • deliver expert, industry-standard training to children aged 3-18 years

  • hold specialist workshops lead by professionals with industry knowledge

  • offer an accredited examination programme in musical theatre and performing arts through Trinity College London

  • host performances, events and collaborate with a number of professional touring companies.

When we do it:

  • Children’s performing arts course runs on Saturdays in term-time

  • Trinity College London Examination Programme currently runs on Tuesdays (subject to change)

  • Specialist workshops are updated via our mailing list and socials



“Gosforth Civic Theatre is a very special place. A wonderfully vibrant facility in the heart of the community with a team to mirror that. A forward-thinking, inclusive theatre company, hosting an eclectic programme and with a similar ethos to ours here at Famous4.15, we are very happy to call this our home.” 

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