Jumping Hot Club Presents


Saturday 30 April, 2022. 8pm

£15 adv. Plus booking fee when booked online.
No booking fee applies when booking in person at Gosforth Civic Theatre.

Folk/indie Singer-songwriter David Ramirez was born in 1983—just days after Hurricane Alicia descended upon Houston Texas. For most of his life, he’s viewed this coincidence as a bad omen. But on his newly released album, My Love Is a Hurricane, the musician focused on what it means to rebuild in the aftermath of devastation. “With everything that gets destroyed, oppression breeds resilience,” he says. “And with destruction comes new life and rebirth.”

Hard-earned lessons stemming from struggle and heartbreak have long informed Ramirez’s music. On 2017’s We Aren’t Going Anywhere, the prolific songwriter—who was raised in Houston and is now based in Austin—mourned lost love and the irrevocable gap that grows between two people who were once close. The new album’s lyrics revolve around insights Ramirez gleaned from his current relationship, in particular the rockiness he and his partner encountered. Ramirez wrote and recorded the album long before the pandemic hit, with the work dating back to shortly after he finished his 2017 release. And while the world is a stranger and more terrifying place than when Ramirez wrote My Love Is a Hurricane, the album nonetheless takes on a different kind of immediacy now.

This is David’s 4th visit to Jumpin Hot Club and it’s a very special occasion when he comes over here to play.


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