Mortal Fools present


Written by Danielle Burn
​Produced by Mortal Fools

Wednesday 4 & Thursday 5 March, 2020. 7pm

plus schools performances Wed 4 - Fri 6 March at 9.45am and 1pm - visit if you're interested in booking one of our school performances.

£8 adult, £6 child under 14 Plus booking fee when buying online

Suitable for children aged 7 - 11 years old, their teachers and their families

"Brave isn't how you feel, it's what you do"

MELVA tells the story of a 10-year-old girl whose struggles with anxiety, or 'worrits' as she knows them, keep her from leaving the house. Her Grandpa has grown so worried about her that he fakes his own disappearance in the hope that it will compel Melva to leave the house and overcome her ‘bad worrits’.

What follows is a funny and poignant adventure for them both, where each learn how their ‘worrits’ affect them and new ways to tackle them separately and together.


From the play

What if…

​I’m doing a test and trying my best,

but the words are meaningless data,

they jump about on the paper,

some backwards, some not,

and I’m losing the plot,

and I’m gonna look silly,

like that boy with a willy picture,

stuck on his top when he went to the shop after school...



Do you ever have worrits? You know - that uncontrollable churning in the pit of your tummy like you have 341 worms squirming about inside it? Well, Melva Mapletree has them too, and right now they’re so big and squirming that they’re stopping her from even leaving the house. But then, one night, something happens which changes her world forever.

MELVA is for children aged 7-11, their teachers and their families. It's a boisterous, mischievous and funny story of one girl’s adventure to find out what she’s really capable of.

After a run of sold-out performances over Christmas 2017 in their pop-up theatre space, Mortal Fools have developed MELVA into a touring theatre package, in partnership with Children North East and Public Health England. The production is a creative tool to support children (and the adults who support them) to understand more about worries and anxieties and learn tools for self-care and positive mental health practices.​

Audience quotes

Young Audiences

“I learned that being afraid of something doesn't mean you can't do it" 

“It was very funny and made me understand more about anxiety”  



“MELVA is a truly magical journey into the depths of young people’s anxieties and worries. It has really helped to focus on how our pupils view their own issues and more importantly - how they can best deal with them.” Deputy Headteacher, Highfield Middle School


“Melva is simply the best drama intervention I have ever seen” Headteacher, Berwick St Mary's CE First School


“The whole experience was absolutely amazing. It provided the children with a fun and relaxed opportunity to talk about their mental health” Class Teacher, Hareside Primary School


Other Adults


“As a sufferer of anxiety and a worrier from a very young age, I can't tell you how important the show is for young (and old) audiences! Heart-warming, magical, important story-telling.”


“One of the most perfect productions I have had the privilege to see. A powerful and emotive subject to tackle. Emotional, inspirational and thought-provoking”

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