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Thursday 28 October 2021, 10.30am & 2pm.


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Melva, the feature film is here! Mortal Fools’ have taken Melva the stage production and entirely reimagined it for film. Friends old and new, get ready for this boisterous, mischievous and funny story of one girl’s adventure to find out what she’s really capable of.

Meet Melva Mapletree– an aspiring mountain-climbing, sweet-eating, eye-rolling 10-year-old. She’s been struggling with anxiety, or ‘worrits' as she knows them. Do you ever have worrits? You know - that uncontrollable churning in the pit of your tummy like you have 341 worms squirming about inside it? Well, Melva has them too, and right now they’re so big and squirming that they’re stopping her from even leaving the house. But then, one night, Grandpa Pebble disappears and their world forever. 

Join Melva and Grandpa Pebble, on this funny and poignant adventure, where each learn how their ‘worrits’ affect them and new ways to tackle them separately and together, learning that brave isn’t how you feel, it’s what you do! 
Melva is written by Danielle Burn, produced and directed by Mortal Fools & filmed by Meerkat Films.

Running time: Approx 91minutes. 
Melva is suitable for all ages – but recommended age is 7-11yrs old and their grown-ups.

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