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Lights, Sound and Tacos: Work Experience at Gosforth Civic Theatre

Ellie and Jake

Students Ellie and Jake on work placement at Gosforth Civic Theatre this summer.

As is the Liberdade way we gave them lots of different opportunities, the time to find their way and show what they could do. They got involved with Liberdade groups, setting up sound and visuals, putting posters up and flyering, and generally being really hands on. It’s been great to have them on board and hopefully the experience inspires them to start a career that’s a rewarding one. Plus some tacos on their last day wasn't a bad way to end the week!

Here's what Ellie had to say about her experience.

My time at Liberdade

"On my first day I was unsure what to expect, I’d never been in a working theatrical environment and I’d never worked with people with learning disabilities. I was a little nervous.

Over the course of the week I engaged with a lot of groups internal and external and the activities were varied and wide, this in turn boosted my confidence. The environment is very calming and it felt very safe to be in. Everyone was encouraged to take part but never forced, it all felt very natural. I felt very comfortable. I feel for me it has also removed the stigma of people with learning disabilities not being able to do dance/drama. Kelly, Donna, Rob and John, provide a very nurturing, safe environment for this to happen. I found this a very rewarding experience and will use the skills I learned to enhance my drama GCSE exam next year and any future projects" Ellie Robinson

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