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Statement | SSD Concerts present John Smith

Gosforth Civic Theatre can confirm that the performance of John Smith, which will take place on Tuesday 28 September 2021 will no longer be promoted by SSD Concerts Ltd and will instead be presented by Gosforth Civic Theatre.

The decision comes following recent allegations in regard to the conduct of SSD Concerts Ltd in their treatment of staff and artists. We, including our stakeholders, board and staff, take these allegations extremely seriously and therefore felt that the aforementioned concert could not go ahead at our venue while SSD Concerts Ltd were acting as promoters. Thanks to the artist and his management we are happy to have come to an agreement to retain the agreed date and keep the concert at Gosforth Civic Theatre.

Customers who have bought tickets for the gig must seek a refund through Ticketline before buying their tickets again via the Gosforth Civic Theatre Eventbrite platform, we apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, but we hope you understand. Tickets are now on sale at

We thank you for your patience and understanding; and assure you that Gosforth Civic Theatre will remain a safe place for everyone, whether you’re coming to see a show, visit our cafe or work with us.



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