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All Things Considered Theatre presents


Thursday 7 April 2022. 8.30pm

please note the 6pm show is 

£15 Single ticket


Limited capacity, seating on beds to bring the audience in to the show. Single seats are available for those with access requirements. Max 4 per bed. 18+ only. Alcohol may be served during the performance. Duration 1hr 20 mins.

A booking fee of 6.5% + £0.49 per sold ticket will apply when booking a ticket online through our Eventbrite platform; booking fees may vary when booking through other third party sites. You will not be charged a booking fee when booking in person at Gosforth Civic Theatre.

We have spent over a year not hanging out with our mates properly, this Sleepover is long over-due.

The year is 1990, a time of back combed fringes, Just Seventeen Magazines, New Kids on theBlock and White Musk Perfume. Remember? You are 15 years old and you live for your mates, belly laughs and sleepovers at Kelly’s house.

Come and join us as we discuss all the best things about being a teenager, leave the responsibilities of your grown up world behind and embrace your teenage self who might just have something to tell you about how to live your life now.

Boys you’re invited too, but keep the noise down, Kelly’s dad will kill us if he knows we’ve got lads in the house.

All Things Considered Theatre (Sarah and Emma) is a socially engaged theatre company who create work with, for and by communities that address social issues and a need for change. Our work platforms narratives that are often hidden or overlooked and we present these voices and stories to our audiences through accessible, creative and nuanced experiences. What interests us is creating meaningful and authentic participation.



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