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Steve Knightley-Autumn Tour 2024-Jolyon Holroyd.jpg

Steve Knightly

Friday 25 October, 2024. 7.30pm doors.


A booking fee of 6.5% + £0.49 per sold ticket is included when booking a ticket online through our Eventbrite platform.

Renowned Westcountry songwriter Steve Knightley, former Show of Hands frontman, announces a groundbreaking nationwide solo tour—the first since the iconic band disbanded. Focused on promoting his latest album, ‘The Winter Yards,’ this tour signifies a profound shift in Knightley’s musical journey.

Booked by Midnight Mango, the move is a calculated step for the seasoned artist. The agency stated “We are proud to be involved in the launch of the fresh chapter in the remarkable career of legendary songwriter Steve Knightley.”

Notably, the tour includes Knightley’s inaugural performances in Scotland and Ireland, expanding the geographical reach of his musical influence. With a reputation for haunting narrative songs and captivating storytelling, fans can anticipate Knightley’s solo career as a powerful and evocative continuation of his influential legacy in Acoustic music.

Steve Knightley, a revered singer-songwriter and co-founder of 'Show of Hands,' is deeply rooted in the English acoustic music scene, drawing inspiration from the West Country. His ability to seamlessly blend traditional folk with contemporary themes is evident in standout compositions like 'Country Life' and 'Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed,' earning him the title of 'The gravel-voiced spokesman of the rural poor.'

Knightley's unique bond with his audience is exemplified through initiatives like the 'grow your own gig' tour, launched in 2014, allowing fans to organize events without financial risk. By 2017, he had published five songbooks and led workshops with collaborators like Billy Bragg and the late Afro Celt’s Simon Emmerson. As a dedicated patron of festivals such as Costa, Shrewsbury, and Sidmouth, Knightley maintains a strong presence in grassroots music.


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