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Suburban Soul Disco
with DJ Awkward Black Girl.

Friday 2 August, 2024. 7pm - 11pm.
Part of GCT Beer Festival

*this is advertised as 22 June in our What's On Guide but has been subject to a date change. Apologies for the confusion!

Free entry.

Prepare for an unforgettable night out! We're luring you onto the dance floor with a fusion of Soul, R&B, Pop, Disco, Hip Hop, and more. Get ready for a mix of classics and bangers, infused with infectious rhythms and deep grooves of electro-music to keep you grooving all night long.

Leading this sonic journey is Sister Shack’s DJ Awkward Black Girl, renowned for crafting sets that create shared experiences and brilliant nights out.

Book a sitter if you need one, put on your dancing shoes and head down to GCT for another belter of a night out.



DJ Awkward Black Girl

With her family roots in Sound System Culture, she would describe herself as more of a "selector" than a DJ. Her sets comprise a fusion of often high-tempo noisy remixes of Soul, R&B, Pop, Disco, Hip Hop and more, transitioning into infectious rhythms and deep grooves of electro-music that resonate with a broad spectrum of music lovers, weaving together the rich tapestry of sounds that make up her life experiences. Her exploration of genres and boundless energy on the decks is an invitation to connect, celebrate, and let go on the dancefloor.

For Awkward Black Girl, music is a universal language transcending boundaries. Her philosophy is to take her audience on a journey where the groove is the common thread, regardless of genre. She believes in the unifying power of music, and her sets are designed to create connections and shared experiences on the dance floor.

When she's not in the booth, Awkward Black Girl is a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusivity within the music industry. She actively champions underrepresented voices and strives to create opportunities for many.

This is an 18+ event with limited seating.

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