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Gosforth Civic Theatre was founded by a group of people with learning disabilities who wanted to open a cultural building at the heart of the community that everyone could enjoy.

In 2016 this dream was realised when we opened the building and it has grown a lot since then! We have just spent the last year making necessary improvements to the building, which will protect it for decades to come thanks to the generous support of national funders, but now we need your support to raise essential running costs to support everything that happens at GCT.

What we'll deliver:

Its costs us £13.75 for a support worker for an hour, 200 hours of training for people with learning disabilities
Its costs us £55 every hour we use a space for a free community activity, 105 hours of free community activity
Our energy costs are £2700 a month, this will pay our energy bill for two months


Why it's a great idea:

This project will help to maintain everything we offer to the community at GCT, Including:
- Helping us to offer free community activities for young people,
- Helping to support us to run the cafe,
- Helping us to continue to subsidise community space for other organisations to benefit from.
- Helping us to continue to support people with learning disabilities
- Helping us by subsidising education work we carry out in local mainstream and SEND schools and colleges.

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