Theatre Director: Robert Hersey
Cast: Philip Harrison, Arabella Arnott, Mick Liversidge, Louis Roberts, Laura Lonsdale, Alice Byrne, Chris Connell, Elish Stout-Cairns, Mark Cornfield, Sol Taibi.
Musicians: Alexandra Raikhlina (violin), Liubov Ulybysheva (cello), Dov Goldberg (clarinet), Yoshie Kawamura (piano), Jan Bradley (percussion) 

Brundibar Arts Festival presents

Sunday 2 & Monday 3 February, 2020. 7.30pm.

£12, £10

“The Last Cyclist” is a play based on a cabaret written in 1944 in the Terezín Concentration Camp by the young Czech playwright, Karel Švenk, who was murdered by the Nazis a year later. This play is a daring, gallows-humor, absurdist allegory that expands on the “Jews and the cyclists” theme, making cyclists the victims of the inmates of a mental asylum who escape and take over the outside world. They hound, oppress, exile or kill everyone who rides a bicycle and anyone who has ever had anything to do with cyclists for many generations back.

The play, in a non-confrontational way, makes clear to today’s audiences that it is the personal responsibility of every human being to fight intolerance, prejudice, bullying and racism.

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