Say hello to some of the team behind Liberdade and Gosforth Civic Theatre. We are only as strong as our team and the people we work with and this is your chance to find out a little more about us, what makes us who we are and why we love working for Gosforth Civic Theatre.
Joseph Harrop

Building Manager

I joined Liberdade the same day they signed the lease for Gosforth Civic Theatre, so I'm fortunate to have been along for the GCT ride from the beginning!


Prior to GCT I worked most jobs in hospitality from kitchen porter to General Manager and have been fortunate to be a part in opening several restaurant, bars and venues. I'm at my happiest on a sunny afternoon with a cold beer, or when discovering new music, theatre and writing. I take great pleasure in good beer, great podcasts and baking bread, but any joy I have in my life is tempered by supporting Sunderland.


I get a real kick out of being a part of a team and creating spaces for people to share a great time and at GCT I get to do both. Bringing the culture and principles that had been developed by Liberdade over 13 years and having them at the base of all we do at GCT makes it a workplace, and I believe venue, like no other. Seeing the value in the individual from our company members, our staff, the artists we work with and the audiences and customers who visit the building has built a community that is ever changing but always welcoming. I love that it is a space that has been adopted by so many existing communities and has become a place where new ones are created. I think it would be difficult to imagine Newcastle without it now!

Scott Forbes

Marketing, Programming

& Events Coordinator

I joined GCT from Sage Gateshead where I spent two and a half years working in their marketing team, firstly as a marketing assistant then as a coordinator focussing on the production of their What’s On Guide and promotion of their popular and contemporary programme. I love really great design, have a passion for music even though I can’t play a note, get a kick out of working with people and celebrating and encouraging creativity. Give me good quality beer, food, film, TV, art, or anything Newcastle United related and I'm happy!


I genuinely care about GCT and Liberdade’s mission and outlook, right down to the people who I work with and our company members. It’s a unique venue in many senses not least because of why Liberdade took it on. I’ve personally learned so much working with our group members and my talented colleagues every day, they have had a profound affect on me in the best ways. On top of that, getting to help build a reputation as (hopefully) a quality arts space and a welcoming community hub is a true honour and challenge that I’m so lucky to have. 

Stephanie Crowell

Front of House Team Member

Before Liberdade I mainly worked in big pub chain companies ranging from regs bar staff to kitchen manager. I wanted to work somewhere more meaningful and that would go along side my Personal Training. I am a fully qualified PT currently studying Exercise Referral which focuses on exercise rehabilitation.


Way back when I used to run for England but injuries stopped me from going further, that is why I want to go into injury prevention and rehabilitation. 


GCT is special because I get to make Donna 17 cups of coffee a day haha! (Love you Donna!). From school children visiting the cafe for breakfast, Liberdade performances, beer festivals, gigs, art sessions, Liberdade and GCT is special because it brings different worlds together that do not ordinarily mix. Working in the cafe I get to see Liberdade members Heather and Ed learn new skills and teach me things along the way! 

Sarah Thompson

Front of House Team Member

Before I worked at Gosforth Civic Theatre, I taught English, History and Personal and Social Development to people with learning disabilities. Outside of work, I am extremely interested in History and spend a lot of my free time in museums; I have a love a natural history (especially palaeontology) and also a strong research interest in social history- focusing on the developments in Victorian society in Britain, post 1850.

I am also a keen writer. To date, I have published two collections of poetry and my work has also been published in another anthology.


Gosforth Civic Theatre is such an important part of the community where I live. Before I worked here, I visited regularly because of the atmosphere and how friendly the staff were. Liberdade, the charity who runs the theatre, does a lot of fantastic work with its members, from film making to dance and physical theatre. It really is an empowering place to be.

I have loved working as part of such a close knit, supportive team who encourage everyone to fulfil their potential, and I have especially enjoyed being given the opportunity to continue to learn and develop. 

David Oliver

House Technician

Hello! My name is David. I've been doing technical Theatre since I was in school and have been progressively moving through various venues in the North East to gain knowledge and experience with the industry. Studies included foundation in music production and L3 media production (Film and TV). Initially I got involved through volunteering, offerng to help sort out the venue and the technical side. Stripping it back to the basic and getting rid of redundant equipment. Turns out they liked what I did so much, they created this role for me. And now I am living the dream.


Liberdade and Gosforth Civic Theatre have a very special place in my heart. They offer a venue full of inclusion and thought provoking performance and film. and what they make in house. And are dedicated to those with a learning disability and autism. Because I, myself, am on the spectrum, they employ great ethics, through seeing the skills and talent within people, and not just what others think define them. To this day I still pinch myself and ask how did I get here, doing the thing I love, working for such an organisation, surrounded by people who want to see me. And honestly, I couldn't be prouder.