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Every Tuesday, 6pm - 8pm.
Suitable for everyone and ages 7+. Anyone aged under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

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Our super relaxed Gaming Social is a place where gamers of all ages can come together to play our huge range of consoles and play games on our massive cinema screen with your friends.

We started our in person Gaming Social in 2017 as a way for people who love gaming to get together and socialise over something we’re all passionate about. We've amassed a collection of games and consoles across Mega Drive, Spectrum and NES to VR and PS5 and loads in between, we also have regular group games of Super Smash Bros on the switch beamed on to our big screen.

Entry is free and is drop in, the bar is open every week where you can refresh with drinks and snacks while you game.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates via our brand new dedicated Twitter page @GCTGaming

"I really enjoy the retro gaming cafe as it gets me socialising with new people while playing multiplayer games such as Mario Kart and generally having fun!"


Funded by The Big Lottery Fund.

Our Twitch Journey

When the pandemic hit, we felt it was more important than ever to keep the social aspect of the gaming social going so we set up a Twitch channel to broadcast a social gaming session between our resident gamers Jonny, Sarah, Andy and Tim.

Our weekly game was Stardew Valley. Check out Jonny's blog on why we chose Stardew Valley below...

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But why Stardew Valley? We asked our resident gaming aficionado, facilitator and now streaming expert, Jonny, to give a little insight...



Stardew Valley has fast become one our favourite games over the past few months. If you've never heard of it it's a little hard to fully describe accurately. At it's heart, the game is a farming simulator- which is why I had never really given it a chance prior to buying it.  Once I did however, I realised what an amazing and content rich game it is.


While the main focus of gameplay (at least for a while) is your farm and a fair amount of resource management, the game offers a vast array of other elements such as dungeon crawling, item collection, fishing and becoming friends with the other inhabitants of Pelican town. This is where the game takes on another form and you realise its so much more than a farm simulator.


The game itself was made by 'Concerned Ape', better known as Eric Barone, as a solo project over several years. All the coding, artwork, script and music were his own design. The visual style chosen for Stardew Valley is a retro pixel art style which emulates the main influence for this game, Harvest Moon. As a result it’s very easy on the eye  and lends itself well to the genre.


While it may look very cute harmless, there are some slightly more sombre parts of the game which predominantly revolve around your interactions and relationships with other characters  and addresses some issues that you would not expect to see in such a happy-go-lucky world. Things like homelessness, loneliness, loss, betrayal, disability and even touches on PTSD.


While these are darker themes, the way the game approaches them feels very human- and since it was solo developed it feels very candid and almost a window into the mind of Barone. This is what made me love the game so much. The addicting gameplay, the wonderful visuals and the fantastic music all flow perfectly together. While it can sometimes get monotonous, or things aren’t quite going your way- it's those small human moments that keep me playing and why I think it has become such a fast favourite.


After recommending (not shutting up about) this game to Sarah, Tim and Andy it just made perfect sense to have it as one of our mainstays of the Twtich channel. We all have a great time playing it and all have different strengths in different areas and as a result advance much quicker with tasks and story focused events.


We hope to bring a lot more things to the stream in the future and are aiming for lots of community involvement too. It's a little bit of a steeper learning curve than I had anticipated, getting a stream up and running but that can be overcome in time. The most important part of the stream however is You.


A solid schedule is on its way and we aim to be doing 1-3 streams per week before Christmas as well as working on a way to get whoever wants to stream to be able stream. At the same time as not wanting to take baby steps with the stream, we think it’s important that we deliver something thought out and fun to watch for everyone.

See you online!