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Kitchen Zoo present


Monday 1 April, 2024. 11am & 2pm

£10 Adult, £8 child.

Babes in arms up to 12 months free.


A 45 minute performance for young people aged 6 and under and their grown-ups. 

A booking fee of 6.5% + £0.49 per sold ticket is included when booking a ticket online through our Eventbrite platform.

Deep in the forest live Mammy, Daddy and Baby Bear. Each day the Three Bears head into the woods to collect interesting things to re-use in their home. Soon their cosy house is turned upside down by a colourful whirlwind that threatens to sit in their chairs, eat their porridge and sleep in their beds. It’s Goldilocks!

Bring your bears for an adventure in the woods, with original music, puppets and a tale you thought you knew.

Every show is relaxed so join us for this friendly, fun, theatre experience for children aged 6 and under and their grown ups.

“One of our favourite aspects of their productions is their imaginative, intimate set design and tactile props and costumes, and this production of the Three Bears certainly doesn’t disappoint.“ Family Explorers North East 



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