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Why Gaming is Socially Important

I’m not actually that good at playing video games. Of all the games I played in my life I’ve only finished about 10 games. This does not mean I do not enjoy playing games; I love playing games!

The reason I play video games is because I can lose myself in the worlds they create. Games like Skyrim, Final Fantasy 17 and Mass Effect drop me into a world of memorable people, places to explore and monsters to fight. You get to be the hero of the story and do what ever you like, save the world, steal all the items in a man's home or speed across the stars in your own spaceship. I also play Minecraft so I can create my own world.

The reason this is important, in my opinion, is that people need an escape from life. You see life, no matter how good it is, is boring. You get up, get dressed, go to work, go home, eat then sit around for an hour and finally go to bed, there is no fun in that. We need something to make us feel good about ourselves. It’s the same reason people write books or draw.

I think talking about gaming is important because talking about your interests is healthy. The only problem is that if you talk about gaming with anyone who is not a gamer, they know nothing of what you say. They just look at you with a confused expression on their face like a gecko. The only people you can talk to about gaming without being looked at like a sad clown are gamers also they can talk to you about experiences they have had with gaming and you can talk to them. This is why I think that this gaming social is a good idea as it allows us to socialise with other gamers.

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