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COVID-19 Fundraising Appeal Raises over £9k for Gosforth Civic Theatre

Our COVID-19 Appeal has seen an incredible £9,655.93 raised from public donations since the end of March.

It is unbelievable and has far surpassed what we thought we’d be able to raise.

We’re so touched by the support and messages that we’ve been receiving during this time; that energy and love has helped inspire and fuel our efforts to be able to, not only safely open the our cafe again, but also bring culture back to our communities and a sense of hope with live music and performance in our Garden.

As an independent charity, this support really makes a difference and has helped us to support our staff, and Liberdade Company Members and groups throughout this period and will, alongside other funding, go a long way to helping us navigate this very challenging time.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who has supported us.

Here's a little message that was recorded back in May but rings true even more right now!\

The Appeal is still open and you can contribute here


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